Boku no Hero Academia Fantasy Figure Set

These adorable chibi fantasy figures are a collaboration between Boku no Hero Academia and Hong Kong based company MediaLink. They feature our heroes in the outfits worn during the end role of the second season of the anime. Each figure includes a transparent plastic stand.

This set includes one figure of each of the following characters:

- Deku

- Bakugo

- Todoroki

- Iida

- Uraraka

BONUS: Also included is a Kirishima themed dragon figurine that Bakugo & Deku can mount!


These sets are ordered directly from China, so group orders will be done on a monthly basis.

1. Orders can be placed anytime during the month.

2. On the last day of each month, a combined order will placed to the shop in China.

3. The sets will arrive to Get Kawaii 1-2 weeks after the group order is placed.

4. Sets will typically be shipped out from Get Kawaii within a week of them arriving.

Example: If you order a set in February, you will be included in the group order placed on February 28th. The set will arrive to Get Kawaii early - mid March, and then be shipped to you mid - late March.

This product is no longer in stock

Price: ¥9,500

Release DateNovember 2018

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