[PREORDER] Boku no Hero Academia Mochimochi Mascot Plushes Volume 2

Preorder Deadline: March 7, 2019

Release Date: June 2019

This adorable volume 2 of Boku no Hero Academia Mochimochi mascot plushes feature the characters in their sports festival wear and uniforms.

They can be used as keychains, and the bottom of the plushes features a cellphone screen cleaning fabric.

Buy a full set of 10 plushes and receive a bonus plush of Deku in black school uniform or Todoroki in battle costume! (Bonuses originally from Animate and the Mochimochi Mascot official shop.)

WARNING: This item CANNOT be combined with orders for in-stock items or items being released before May 2019. If you place a combined ordered it will be cancelled. 

Price: ¥1,500

Height 5cm
Release Date January 2019
Length 8.5cm

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