[PREORDER] Digimon Shop Otedama Digimon Plushes Zoom

[PREORDER] Digimon Shop Otedama Digimon Plushes

Release Date: November 22, 2019

Preorder Deadline (Round 1): November 26, 2019 at Noon JST

Preorder Deadline (Round 2): December 8, 2019 at Noon JST

These colorful new Otedama plushes are being sold at Limited Base's Digimon Shop event from November 22, 2019 - January 9, 2020 in Tokyo.

Each plush features the original Digidestined's Digimon in Rookie form, with 8 designs in total.

Price: ¥1,000

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2

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