[PREORDER] Fruits Basket Animate Cafe Tea Set Zoom

[PREORDER] Fruits Basket Animate Cafe Tea Set

This zodiac pattern Fruits Basket tea set is being sold exclusively at the Animate Cafe in Japan from August 29 - October 1, 2019.

Each set includes:

- One drawstring bag (size: 15x15cm / front design: zodiac, back design: a tea pot and the Fruits Basket logo)

- 4 green tea tea bags (Uji matcha/genmai blend)

- 5 senbei (rice crackers)


- 1st Pickup: August 29 @ Noon (Japan Standard Time)

- 2nd Pickup: September 10 @ Noon (Japan Standard Time)

- 3rd/Final Pickup: September 24 @ Noon (Japan Standard Time)

Price: ¥1,800

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