[PREORDER] Fruits Basket Acrylic Stands (Blind Box) Zoom

[PREORDER] Fruits Basket Acrylic Stands (Blind Box)

These cute pastel stands feature the Fruits Basket characters in chibi form.

Each acrylic stand measures 6cm in height, with 10 designs in total.

Release Date: December 2019

WARNING: This item CANNOT be combined with orders for in-stock items or items being released before November 2019. If you place a combined ordered it will be cancelled.


- Please choose your preferred characters in the space under "PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION" below. You can request up to THREE characters.

- If you don't have a preference, please write "None."

- After I open the items, I will divide them with priority based on purchase/payment order.

 The content of blind box items is randomized, and I cannot guarantee which character(s) you will end up winning. I will do my best, but refunds cannot be made based on not getting the requested character(s).

Price: ¥1,100

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2

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