[PREORDER] Fruits Basket Rubber Straps Vol. 1 (Blind Box) Zoom

[PREORDER] Fruits Basket Rubber Straps Vol. 1 (Complete Set)

Release Date: May 2020

These cute new Fruits Basket rubber straps feature the characters in chibi form.

Volume 1 contains 8 designs, with each strap measuring 5.5cm in size.

WARNING: Preorders for these items CANNOT be combined with orders for in stock items or items being released before April 2020. If you place a combined ordered it will be cancelled. 

PREORDER BONUS: Preorder a complete set of these straps by February 11, 2020 to receive a bonus Kyo cat strap with your order!! *THIS CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED

Price: ¥6,500

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