DoKira Milk Tea 3-Way Bags

These adorable DoKira milk tea shaped bags are from the Chinese brand Milky Way.


  • ♥ With a full window display that's 4cm deep on one side, they're the perfect bag for displaying small figures/plushes and can even fit an iPad mini!
  • ♥ The back of the bag features a main comparment that's 5cm deep and has two pockets for storing small items.
  • ♥ Each compartment has zipper closure and each zipper has star charms with the Milky Way logo on them.
  • ♥ Each bag includes a chain strap + shoulder strap, so the bag can be used three ways (hand bag, shoulder bag, backpack)!
  • ♥ With 14 color variations to choose from, use this bag to add a burst of color and kawaii to your day.


Group orders will be done on a weekly basis from the shop in China.

1. Orders can be placed anytime during the week.

2. On the last day of each week, a combined order will placed to the shop in China.

3. The bags will arrive to Get Kawaii 1-2 weeks after the group order is placed.

4. Bags will typically be shipped out from Get Kawaii within a week of them arriving.

Price: ¥4,800

Height 25cm
Width 16cm
Depth Window: 4cm / Main Compartment: 5cm
Material Fake Leather

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