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[PREORDER] Komi Can't Communicate Kuji Prizes


Preorder Deadline: June 7, 2022

Shipping Date: Late August 2022

Try your hand at the first official kuji for the Komi Can't Communicate series!

The prizes all feature colorful designs with an "afterschool clean up crew" theme.

Prize List: (chance of winning per entry listed in parenthesis)

A: Acrylic clock (1 design) - Size: 15 x 24.5cm (2%)

B: Tapestries (5 designs) - Size: 63.4 x 34.5cm (5%)

C: Acrylic stands (5 designs) - Size: roughly 15cm (12%)

D: Hand towels (5 designs) - Size: 20cm (18%)

E: Translucent illustration boards (5 designs) - Size: A5 (24%)

F: Badges (10 designs) - Size: 5.7cm (39%)

!! BONUS: Receive 1 free coaster for every 5 entries!


1. The price below is for one ticket (entry) into the raffle, not for a specific prize.

2. This is a raffle system, so refunds cannot be made based on not getting the desired item/design.

3. List your preferred characters (top 3) in the "Product Customization" field below and I'll try to prioritize those characters.

WARNING: Preorders for these items CANNOT be combined with orders for in stock items or items being released before July 2022.

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Receive 1 free coaster for every 5 entries into this kuji raffle!

* 5 designs in total. Designs are randomized and cannot be chosen.

* Only valid when 5 or more entries are made under a single order. (Entries from multiple orders cannot be combined.)