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[AFTERSALE] Pandora Hearts x Vanitas no Carte Cafe Keychains (Blind Box)


Shipping: Late January 2023

* Cancellations/refunds for these items will not be accepted for any reason.

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Celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Pandora Hearts series with these colorful Pandora Hearts x Vanitas no Carte keychains!

These keychains were originally sold at the Pandora Hearts x Vanitas no Carte collab cafe in 2018 and are being sold again at the Pandora Hearts 15th Anniversary Museum event in Japan.

These keychains feature the characters in chibi form dancing and include a base so they can also be displayed as stands.

Each keychain measures 7 x 6cm in size, with 7 designs in total.


The content of blind box items is randomized, and I cannot guarantee which character(s) you will end up winning. Refunds cannot be made based on not getting the desired character(s). These items cannot be purchased as complete sets.