BTS x Line Friends "BT21" Deco Tote Bag

This BT21 series of deco tote bags is a collaboration between K-pop boy band BTS and LINE FRIENDS.

The front display features zipper closure, while the back sports a keychain + character design.

With such vibrant colors, these bags make great bases for itabags of any fandom!

With unique display window shapes and 7 colors in total, each design represents a different character created by each BTS member.
Color Choices:

Sky Blue - RJ

Blue - KOYA

Pink - COOKY

Rose - TATA

Orange - SHOOKY

Yellow - CHIMMY

Purple - MANG

Price: ¥4,000

Height 35cm
Width 35cm
Depth 7cm
Material Polyester, Fake Leather

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