About Kuji Prizes

Kujis are a popular Japanese raffle prize system that feature exclusive merchandise from various anime, manga, and video game series.

Some popular kuji brands sold at Get Kawaii include Ichiban Kuji, Animate Kuji, Webpon, and Kujibikido.

Read below to learn more about the prize system and the order process  ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

The Raffle Prize System

The word "kuji" in Japanese literally means raffle. Prize ranks vary in rarity and quality, with S/A & B rank prizes being the rarest/most valuable and C rank prizes on being smaller and more numerous. As the name implies, prizes are drawn randomly and cannot be chosen ahead of time. However, if there are multiple designs of a prize (typical with C rank prizes and lower), the desired design can be chosen if still in stock.

Each kuji series has a predetermined release date (mentioned in the details section of the related kuji page). Tickets for each series are sold at anime shops, bookstores, and convenience stores throughout Japan, but each store only receives one set of the items. A typical set includes around 60 prizes, with the distribution roughly as follows:

S / A / B rank prizes: Typically only 1-3 of each item per set, also the rarest/most valuable items within the set (Chance of winning: around 10%)

C/D rank prizes: Smaller than A/B rank prizes, but still nice. These usually have multiple designs to choose from. (Chance of winning: around 20%)

E rank & lower: Smallest items and have the most variety in designs. Usually blind box. You cannot tell which design you won until you open the package. (Chance of winning: around 40%)

Last One prize (for Ichiban Kuji only): This prize is awarded to the very last person who buys a ticket from each store. Usually a large prize, also the rarest, since there's only one in each set.

The Order Process

At Get Kawaii, kuji series are typically added to the site for preorder 2-4 weeks before they go on sale. 

When placing an order, you can select a preferred design/character (when applicable). All entries are guaranteed a randomized prize.

PERKS: If you choose to have blind box items opened, I will sort through all items opened to give you your preferred character(s). I cannot guarantee which items/designs you will get, but this option will drastically increase your chances of winning the desired design/character :) Priority will be based on the order in which I receive payment.

If you prefer to be surprised, please leave a comment during checkout to have the items sent to you in their new/unopened state.

I typically go to buy the items on the date they are released in order to increase the chances of winning A/B rank items.

Items are then shipped out within one week of me picking them up. You will receive an email once your items have been shipped.